Epsilon India introduces returnship program for women professionals

Epsilon India introduces returnship program for women professionals

Epsilon India, a global leader in interaction management, has launched the second edition of its flagship initiative – SheRises, a career returnship program.

The program provides internship opportunities for women who have paused their careers due to some reasons and are eager to rejoin the workforce.

During the six-month paid internship, selected women professionals will undergo an immersive training program that includes technical and soft skills training, mentoring and on-the-job learning via working on live projects. At the end of the internship, the returnees will have the opportunity to explore full-time roles with Epsilon India, on a performance basis.

"Gender equality in the workplace is a key business imperative for us and helps build a stronger organization. A workforce with diverse skills, experiences, ideas and perspectives naturally leads to a more inclusive culture and SheRises was launched to celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity" said Seema Padman, Vice-President, Human Resources, Epsilon India.

With the returnship initiative, the company is looking to develop talented women professionals who are keen to resume their careers and help them seamlessly integrate into the workplace after a break.


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