Finland to give dads the same parental leaves as new moms

Finland to give dads the same parental leaves as new moms

The Finnish woman-led government has announced plans to offer mother and father of new born children equal paid parental leave.


The new family leave policy will grant nearly seven months paid leave to each parent, for a total of 14 months of paid leave.


The new reforms could come into effect in autumn 2021 at the earliest. It aims to improve the wellbeing of families and to increase gender equality.


The model guarantees the child a place at the centre of family benefits and promotes wellbeing and gender equality, says Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


As per Pekonen, the family leave reform is the Government’s investment in the future of children and the wellbeing of families. It will be a major change in attitudes, as it will improve equality between parents and make the lives of diverse families easier.


Parents would be allowed to transfer up to 69 days of their quota to the other parent, if they so desired. And single parents would have access to the daily allowance quotas for both parents.


It also gives one month of pregnancy allowance to a pregnant mother even before the parental leave begins.


The reform is an opportunity to build a family leave scheme in line with today's family concept. Even in terms of wording, obsolete legislation will be brought to a modern level and its language will become gender-neutral and suitable for all families.


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