IT Freshers suffering from high stress

IT Freshers suffering from high stress

About 42 per cent freshers in the information technology (IT) sector are suffering from high stress, according to a recent study.


Interestingly, more than half of these freshers are not all stressed due to work or job.


Talent lifecycle-management firm, SCIKEY, conducted a survey over 10,117 IT employees belonging to the 22 to 47 age group, across 10 states of India.


The respondents were mainly software developers, tech support executives, project managers, support engineers, business developers, digital marketers, UI/UX engineers, and those working in IT infrastructure and associated roles.


More than 79 per cent of the participants, who claim to be stressed, say they are witnessing various families matter and issues. Uneasy workplace (73%) and constant exposure to technology (60%) were other reasons of stress in this age group.


Of those who were anxious due to family problems, nearly 41 per cent were found to be emotionally weak, and over 50 per cent lacked self-drive.


To overcome the stress, with over half of the participants claiming health issues, most of them are taking efforts to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. But only 14 per cent were found to be consistent and consciously following healthy habits.



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