Company announces four extra days of holiday for non-smoking workers

A company in South West England has decided to give its non-smoking employees an extra four days of annual leave.


Logistics firm, KCJ Training and Employment Solutions announced to start the new year 2020 with a radical new policy.

"Cheeky cigarette breaks are a common feature of all office environments so as of right now all of our non smoking office staff have been given an extra 4 days holiday per year! We're proud to incentivise our staff to quit smoking and to create a healthy workplace within our KCJ offices" the UK based firm wrote on Facebook. 


The Company’s managing director Don Bryden came up with this unique initiative when he realised that employees were spending almost an hour daily on smoking breaks, whereas the non-smokers remained at their desks and continued to work. 


In similar news, a Tokyo-based marketing company named Piala Inc has offered its non-smoking employees six extra vacation days in a bid to make up for smoker's cigarette breaks. 


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