Yukti – The annual HR Conclave of IIM Amritsar

Yukti – The annual HR Conclave of IIM Amritsar

Indian Institute of Management of Amritsar is hosting the 4th edition of Yukti - The HR Conclave of IIM Amritsar to be held on 10th August 2019 at Radisson Blu Amritsar. Yukti' 19 aims to provide a dais where the veterans from industry will interact and reflect with the budding managers on the recent trends and developments in the domain of Human Resource Management. This year's panel discussion would focus on the changing nature of the workforce and attitudes towards traditional work culture. The conclave aims to provide the student fraternity at IIM Amritsar a holistic view of how the field of HR is being re-conceptualized by the changing perceptions of both the employers and employees towards work, thus creating a generation of managers who will be equipped with a deep understan ding that will help them navigate in the dynamic business scenario of today. The idea is to analyze these challenges and conclude with tangible solutions for the same. 


The conclave is segregated into two panel discussions. The themes for the two panels are :


Panel #1 Challenges and Opportunities in Employing Gig workforce in India


Organizations are looking to reduce costs by doing away with the traditional mechanism of hiring and training and instead, engage readily available talent and skilled individuals who can get the same work done at a lower cost and with great interest. The panel discussion will be focused on the need (or lack thereof) for gig workforce, challenges involved, with the panelists sharing their experiences relevant to the topic


Panel #2 Accommodating Gen-Z in the modern workplace


This new generation or the Gen-Z is vastly different in its expectations and offerings. While they are expected to bring an unprecedented level of technical skills to the workplace, at the same time want autonomy, flexibility and variety in their work. Organizations need to come up with new policies and practices to attract and retain the Gen-Z workforce.


With the two intertwined themes, the discussion wishes to explore how HR functions in an organization should change to deal with this change of perception and make way for the new generation.


Established in 2015, Indian Institute of Management Amritsar is one of the fastest growing IIMs. The current batch of 2019-2021 comprises of 153 students and is the highest among all third generation IIMs. Thriving on the diversity front, IIM Amritsar is home to students from twenty-four states of the country, making it a place where collaboration holds a key perspective in the learning process.


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