An Aesthetic Workplace

An Aesthetic Workplace

Think of a ‘deja-vu’ moment at your workplace that took you back through the memory lanes of the ‘best days of your life’. Did this refreshing memory not trigger a deep-rooted emotion associated with that experience? Did this nostalgic feeling not impact your behaviour and influence your performance at the workplace? Well, there have been several interesting researches that have laid emphasis over the fact that there is a direct correlation between the five senses of the human body and workplace productivity. Any present day experience with a striking similarity with a situation / experience from the past, tends to influence our behaviour in the present, such that it would most likely be an instinctive reaction in response to the associated ‘emotion-action’ interconnection imprinted in our memory.


The Five Senses


We all have our highs and lows. But then, as we progress in our careers, we also rank our work experiences, calibrated by a self-defined benchmark. The emotion attached with such a benchmark is again a product of our five senses; Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch. The gut feeling that we usually talk of as the sixth sense, is a result of our subconscious mind at play, which is programmed by our five senses and the resultant experiences.


The five senses of the human body are highly receptive and are constantly at play in programming our mind. And, that is the reason why companies are extremely cautious while branding and positioning themselves. Right from choosing the colours of their logo, to designing presentations, and, successfully executing projects, aesthetics plays a critical role in shaping the overall experience of both the internal and external stake holders of a business.


The need to remain sensitive


People and Businesses run with real emotions. Minus the emotions involved in people to people connect, we are as good as robots with ‘Artificial Emotions’. Until the time we are not taken over fully by ‘Artificial Intelligence’, the fact of the matter is, we have to be sensitive to the people around us. As you cannot expect your sales force to be vibrantly aggressive when you treat them with bland and boring food - both for body and soul - you cannot likewise expect your Learning & Development team to design excellent content for your people, when they are surrounded by chaos and noise in your company. Research says that noise pollution is one of the biggest killers of productivity. And, every day, ideas and creativity are simply massacred in many companies, more so the SMEs, because these companies ignore or miss out on such basic points, in spite of their affordability to work out the aesthetics for their people.


Common Sense: The biggest investment


Further, there is a misconception among many business owners that customising aesthetics for their organisation would require huge investments. Rather, the biggest investment required is a little common sense, and of course, the willingness to change for the better. Complacency and growth do not go hand in hand. Taking into account today’s intensely competitive business environment, ‘Aesthetics Consulting’ will gain greater relevance, as it continues to help Businesses grow.


‘Workplace Aesthetics Programming (WAP)’, an Organisational Development theory, can be used to understand, map, programme / reprogramme and reinforce behavioural patterns of all the key stakeholders of a company, across the organisational chain and network. Understanding the positive experiences of the past of an individual, and, recreating shades of these experiences in the present, by customising their current workplace conditions, can do wonders to their performance, and, there is a method to this magic!


In Quotes “Workplace Aesthetics Programming (WAP)’, an Organisational Development theory, can be used to understand, map, programme / reprogramme and reinforce behavioural patterns of all the key stakeholders of a company, across the organisational chain and network.


By grasping the core of an individual as also the organisation, and, keeping this as the base note, WAP consultants can play around the periphery to give their folks a flavour of varied experiences, to reinforce / reprogramme their behaviour, and thereby, their performance. The first job one takes up after their education is generally very special for anyone, irrespective of their tenure and performance. For many, their first work experience becomes the very foundation for building their career, and also in most cases, their personality as a professional. There are some highly interesting and useful data points that one can gather with a well-directed probe in this regard. Also, WAP adds excellent insights right from Recruitment of your prospective employees to the delivery of projects to the process of creating customer delight. WAP powered by technology, will act as a game changer for many Businesses. Well, yes, seeing is believing!


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