Invoke Inclusion To Augment Diversity

Invoke Inclusion To Augment Diversity

We are about 7 billion people in the world, and no two of us, including those cloned, are exactly alike. Imagine then the diversity of thought and thought process. Diversity has evolved significantly from accepting racial differences and now encompasses even more than gender, religion, disability, education, experiences, ethnic backgrounds and generational lines. When we look at the diversity spectrum, we can classify it into four categories. Personality and Inherent (like gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and ability - physical or mental); Cultural (like language and socioeconomic status); Organisational which includes Industry, geographic location, position etc. and lastly Behavioural diversity like how we communicate, how we see ourselves (group/individuals) etc.


Driving Diversity in the workplace


Diversity without inclusion is insufficient to define corporate culture. Enabling awareness and building a culture of inclusion is the responsibility of an organisation. This will be based on the values that the organisation defines for self. While values are carried usually through a lifetime by the organisation, there is an inherent need to not just communicate, but also ensure socialization of role models who walk the talk. Equal opportunity for one and all is the edifice in which we operate to ensure that this is heard and understood by everyone. At Capgemini, we publish winning behaviours and socialize role models chosen across years of experience to ensure that early generations relate and adapt to the change.


In Quotes “While values are carried usually through a lifetime by the organisation, there is an inherent need to not just communicate, but also ensure socialization of role models who walk the talk.”


Diversity framework


While inclusive behaviours can be learnt and adapted with complete consciousness, it is equally important to have a redressal mechanism in place. Embedded in the Code of Business Ethics and reflected in many of our other group and local policies, diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the core values of honesty, boldness, trust, freedom, team spirit, modesty and fun. The principles of diversity and inclusion shape how we work with our clients, partners, suppliers and colleagues around the world. Our global D&I charter defines our approach to strategize globally and implement locally.


Capgemini is committed to equality of opportunity and dignity at work for all. To define it we engage with our clients, partners and suppliers to ensure there is an understanding and alignment with our values, diversity and inclusion commitments and clear expectations. Some of the key focus areas include:


1.Recruitment and retention of a talented and diverse workforce to deliver innovative, world-class solutions for our clients;


2.Continually review and integrate employee feedback to implement programmes that provide employee engagement opportunities and drive leadership accountability;


3. Design, implement and regularly review and update policies to ensure that we, as an organisation, are embracing diversity, cultivating inclusion, and responding to our employees’ needs;


4. Support and leverage local and global networks to drive inclusion across culture, commerce, career, and community;


5.Encourage and support our employees to consider diversity and inclusion in our everyday business decisions (e.g., procurement, building a team, initiative sponsorship);


6. Integrate diversity and inclusion principles into Capgemini’s business systems and activities based on five key drivers: workplace, workforce, marketplace, community, and executive engagement across the Group;


7.Comply with all applicable laws concerning diversity and inclusion supported through enabling employees to obtain guidance or report concerns on compliance and misconduct.


Successful Initiatives


Building an inclusive culture within an organisation will naturally attract diversity into the organisation. To create an inclusive environment, we need to build a culture where everyone feels valued and heard. This can help them to succeed in achieving his or her personal and professional goals. At Capgemini in India, we have launched a few successful initiatives for our employees.


In Quotes “Building an inclusive culture within an organisation where everyone feels valued and heard will naturally attract diversity into the organisation.”


Gender Balance programme


In India, we have a special programme for all women employees called WinspirE. It functions under the umbrella of our global programme Women @ Capgemini and drives initiatives across our four towers:


1. Recruit Tower: To attract potential women talent from the market and provide an equal opportunity platform to grow in the organisation.


2. Retain Tower: To encourage and engage the women talent and improve retention of women in critical life phases.


3. Promote Tower: To support the acceleration of women in a leadership position through grade-specific developmental interventions.


4. Corporate awareness: To create awareness of the initiatives and programme internally and externally.


People with Disabilities programme


The disability inclusion programme in India commenced in 2012. It continues to gain momentum year on year. The programme has four pillars namely, Accessibility, Career, Engagement and Evangelism.


1. Accessibility: Removing barriers to inclusivity, by ensuring accessible infrastructure, IT systems and grievances mechanism.


2. Career: Ensuring inclusion through policies in recruitment, engagement, and development


3. Engagement: Engaging all employees through sensitization and training programmes aimed at cultivating etiquette on how to behave with persons with disabilities, and


4. Evangelism: Evangelizing inclusion beyond the company, with customers, partners and other organisations


As part of our diversity and inclusion culture in India, we have introduced specific grade developmental programmes for our women employees to move up in the leadership ladder.


1. For Pre-managerial Women employees we have Women of Worth (WOW) programme. It is a programme which is designed to develop specific skills convergent with mid-term and long-term career milestones which will enable a woman to pursue her vision successfully and sustainably.


2. Gold (Growth, Acceleration, Leadership and Development) programme is for Entry level women managers to accelerate their career growth through various initiatives like speed mentoring, financial awareness, grooming and so on.


3. For our senior management, we have POWER ahead programme. The programme is aimed at strengthening the leadership pipeline and challenge women leaders to take on new roles.


Capgemini in India is committed towards equal opportunity and was recently awarded EDGE level 2 certification for our gender policies and practices.  In a nutshell, it is important to respect and appreciate each individual irrespective of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin. Diversity allows for the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment.

Gayathri Ramamurthy India Lead - Diversity and Inclusion – India, Capgemini. In her previous roles, she was a Global Business Partner for Strategic client accounts and the Lead- Leadership COE in Talent function. Gayathri commenced her career as a lecturer in a reputed college in Madras and went on to teach at management level.


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