Workplace Happiness Bootcamp

Workplace Happiness Bootcamp

Workplace Happiness Bootcamp by Happiitude & Delivering Happiness was held from 7th - 9th June, 2018 at the Ramada Convention Centre, Mumbai. The conference conducted with insights about work engagement, job satisfaction, employee wellbeing and organisational commitment to higher purpose, opened with a lot of happiness surprises in Mumbai City. Sunny Grosso, Chief Culture Officer at Delivering Happiness, USA and Karan Behl, Chief Happiness Officer at Happiitude, focused on the approaches to enhance workplace happiness during the 3-day international “Workplace Happiness Bootcamp.”


Sunny said, “With the success of our last bootcamp with Happiitude, we came back to Mumbai for another to teach our happiness frameworks to more culture-curious leaders!” The camp was booked with consultants, executives, HR leaders, and entrepreneurs gathered from more than ten countries to learn how to lay the foundation of their cultures and implement them within their organisations.


On the first day, as with any programme or camp, people were nervous but excited to delve into the science of happiness at work. When looking at organisational values, some were eager to share their personal values while others took more time to open up. By the last day, everyone was full of smiles, happy to share their thoughts/praises/insights, and felt ready to roll out their culture roadmap to their organisations.


Some exciting “WOW” moments were:


1.Ideas to successfully align purpose and values in the organisation

2. Virtually experiencing renowned company cultures and identify elements of the model

3 Elements for Creating the Right Culture for Employee Happiness

4. Designing organisational happiness habits and their role as the engine of a positive, productive culture.

5. Solving Chronic Unhappiness: the Four C's

6. Going back with Culture Action Plan for the 5 key elements of sustainable culture.


Backed by twenty years of research within the science of happiness and positive psychology, “Workplace Happiness Bootcamp” inspires organisations about tangible ways to increase the happiness and sustain it. Leaders and HR members from about 35+ companies discovered that happiness is really good for business, increasing every positive business outcome including 300% more innovation, 37% increase in sales, and 31% increase in productivity and decreasing everything that you do not want 125 less burnout, 66


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