Shadowfax accelerates hiring to strengthen its tech team

Shadowfax accelerates hiring to strengthen its tech team

Amid the Covid-19 induced slowdown, Shadowfax is planning to expand its technology team and hire 50 plus technology experts and senior professionals over the next 2 years.


Shadowfax is focused on strengthening its engineering and leadership teams and is looking to add some of the best industry talents in problem-solving and thought leaders.


The company will be engaging candidates for its technological domain for different roles and positions spread across Bangalore and Gurgaon offices. The company will be actively seeking pros like Backend Developers, Architects, Development Operations, Android experts, SDET and even Senior professionals at Director level to meet its surging demands.


"The occurrence of pandemic has shaken most sectors. However, the logistics industry has proven to be robust yet flexible in withstanding the pandemic onslaught. With more people entrusting their daily and other needs to online shopping considering their health and safety aspects, the demand for logistics and adoption of innovative technologies has increased at a welcome rate for the industry. Hence to meet the growing demand, we need to strengthen our own human resource capabilities and therefore, we are planning to expand our technology & leadership teams and looking forward to onboard some enthusiastic members in the next 2 years", said Tanushree Ray, Head of HR, Shadowfax.


During the COVID-19 lockdowns; the company ensured that appropriate technical needs and infrastructural requirements of its employees were fulfilled for a comfortable and smooth work flow. It also provided a stipulation for the technology team to work-from-home throughout the year and also made sure that their virtual onboarding was seamless. Currently, Shadowfax employs 750+ employees and is looking to expand and strengthen its team.


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