Hike plans to continue hiring remotely amid pandemic

Hike plans to continue hiring remotely amid pandemic

In a bid to navigate through coronavirus lockdown period, Messaging app Hike is planning to fill 20 positions through a virtual process.


"While we face an unprecedented time as an ecosystem, we''re committed to our users in offering new-age social experiences. We aim to hire across teams through innovative remote initiatives as well as making efforts to reach out to talent in need of opportunities," Hike vice-president for operations Anshuman Mishra said in a statement.


The company presently has a team of 152 highly skilled professionals and plans to hire 20 employees to fill vacant positions. It will hire a total of 30 people this year.


The messaging app is also working on launching a social recruitment campaign to reach out to those witnessing job losses in the coming weeks.


"Hike is using tech tools and infrastructure like Slack, Hackerank, Google Meet, and code pairing platforms for their recruitment drive.


As per the statement, Hike also conducted its first-ever ZeroTo2 virtual hiring event receiving participation from over 78 candidates.


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