HireXP introduces Amara – an AI enabled chatbot in India

HireXP introduces Amara – an AI enabled chatbot in India

Riding the digital wave, HireXP, a new age recruitment solutions provider has launched Amara – an embodied conversational chatbot in India. Over 25,000 users are already embracing Amara across multiple locations like US, Dubai, Philippines, and Singapore.

On the recruitment front, Amara can interact with candidates at different stages of their decision-making journey to understand their overall experience and help recruiters get real-time feedback at every critical touchpoint. To support continuous employee engagement, she can converse with employees at different milestones to assess how employees feel about their role in the company and generate triggers based on data about high-risk employees.

Layered with sentiment analysis and natural language processing technologies, Amara is capable of comprehending the overall engagement of employees and candidates. It can also provide HR teams with real-time analytics-driven recommendations.

Amara is easily customizable to meet varied employee engagement and candidate experience objectives. She is also capable of scaling horizontally to handle thousands of users and chat sessions per day while providing the fastest response times. Moreover, she can seamlessly integrate with HRIS, and the chats can also be deployed across multiple communication channels like Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack and many more.

The HR function is indeed sitting on a goldmine of data, and such technologies are immensely capable of turning this high-volume data into valuable real-time insights. Also, as businesses scramble to create a frictionless employee experience, bots like Amara can extend a helping hand to HR in creating better employee engagement outcomes.


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