Talent shortages hit record highs - Report

Talent shortages are at record highs, more than half of companies around the world cannot find the skills they are looking for – almost double what it was a decade ago, claims ManpowerGroup's research report. 


For the Talent Shortage 2020 report, the survey was conducted over 14,000 individuals across 15 countries to understand what attracts them to an organization, what keeps them there and how that varies by geography, gender and at different stages of their career


As per the findings, a whopping 54% reported talent shortages almost doubled as compared to a decade ago globally and 63% in India.


Nearly 91 per cent of workers say they like their job, yet 70% of those workers are interested in finding a new one. 


Career Growth, Skill Development, and Flexi timings are prominent attractions for Indian employees across all age groups. 


India, Australia, Mexico, UK and the U.S. have the most purpose-oriented workforce driven by brand and reputation. 


The report also highlighted the top ten most in-demand roles in 2019 are trending year over year: 80% of them were also in short supply in 2018. Healthcare professionals remain in the top ten, reflecting an aging population. 


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