Sharing below the Budget Reaction from Dr. Santanu Paul, Co-founder and CEO at Talent Sprint

It is laudable that the FM in her maiden budget has called out the need for equipping our youth in new-age automation skills such as AI, Robotics, and Big Data. This is a tacit acknowledgement that the world is changing rapidly and our nation's skill development initiatives need a major overhaul. It is an acceptance of the new global normal where high-end skills command a premium, and low-end skills trade at a discount. 


To put our demographic abundance to good use, to be an enviable workforce of the world, to create and sustain high wages, and to secure future proof careers for our youth, premium skills steeped in disruptive technologies are the way forward. As waves of automation and innovation sweep through developed and  developing economies, destroying old jobs and replacing them with new ones, our education and skill development ecosystems must reinvent their purpose, so that our youth may emerge as winners. 

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