Meesho Announces 'ESOP For All'

Meesho Announces 'ESOP For All'

Meesho has introduced an annual MeeSOP program to facilitate greater ownership for all its employees.


Under the program, every full-time employee, irrespective of their tenure in the company or their seniority will be able to convert a maximum of 25% of their annual CTC into ESOPs, subject to a minimum of INR 50,000. ESOPs thus granted, would be greater than 100 per cent of the CTC relinquished.

Vidit Aatrey, Founder & CEO, Meesho said - "Our repeated and periodic buybacks ensure our employees continue to grow with us. The MeeSOP program takes this commitment further, breaking hierarchies to make every employee an owner, and providing more avenues for wealth creation. As we hire more talent, we will continue to provide our team with the means to realize their personal and financial goals with us."

Unlike traditional ESOP plans - the MeeSOP program is completely inclusive, providing every employee, irrespective of their seniority, to benefit from Meesho's rapid growth while ensuring 100 per cent of the grant is vested by the end of one year. This provides both opportunities and control to opting employees and helps them cash in on Meesho's frequent ESOP liquidation programs. 


In October this year, Meesho announced a USD 5.5 million ESOP liquidity programme for all eligible current and former employees with vested stocks - its second liquidity programme.



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