Licious Rolls Out Its First-Ever ESOP Buyback Options 

Licious Rolls Out Its First-Ever ESOP Buyback Options 

Licious has launched its maiden Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) monetization option for its employees. 

With this buyback event, for the first time ever, the blue collared workforce along with other eligible employees, will be able to monetise their ESOPs.

The buyback option worth INR 30 crore will benefit nearly 600 employees, providing meaningful and real time wealth creation opportunities.


Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta, Co-Founders, Licious said, “Over the last 6 years, Licious has been responsible for resurrecting the animal protein category and creating one of the most inspirational brands of our times. This journey would never have been possible without the dedication, support & expertise of the team. Licians (employees) are a force to reckon with! They have stood against all odds to create India’s largest D2C food brand.


We have always believed in providing employees collective ownership of the organisation's destiny. All our policies reflect that. The ESOP program enables this core belief. Earlier this year, we issued grants to more than 1100 employees, recognising their contribution to the company. And now it is time for us to enable the monetisation process.


It brings us immense pride as this is one of the largest coverages as compared to the current industry practices. We will continue to celebrate our fellow Licians as we move ahead in this journey”.


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