[24] Rolls Out 'WeCare' policy To Help Families Of Employees Affected By COVID

[24] Rolls Out 'WeCare' policy To Help Families Of Employees Affected By COVID

[24] has announced a new 'We Care' policy to provide for the families of employees who succumb to COVID-19.


This policy covers all employees and includes:


Financial Support: The family of the deceased employee will get her/his last drawn salary for 12 months.


Medical Insurance: An employee's family will be entitled to an extensive medical insurance cover for all family members.


Children's Education: The company will sponsor the education for their children till 18 years.


Employment for spouses: [24] will find suitable employment opportunities within the organisation so that the spouse is able to earn a livelihood.


Nina Nair - Senior Vice President & HRD Head, India & Americas said, "The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted our lives deeply. For us, the wellbeing of our employees and their families is of utmost importance. We will do whatever we can to ensure the safety, prevention of disease, care, and recovery of our employees. Unfortunately, we lost some of our team members to COVID-19 and can understand the impact it had on their families. We have launched the " We Care" initiative to take care of the families of those who have succumbed to this dreaded virus."


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