85% Women Miss Out On Salary Hike Because Of Gender : LinkedIn

85% Women Miss Out On Salary Hike Because Of Gender : LinkedIn

More than 85 per cent, or four in five women in India believe they have missed out on a raise, promotion, or work opportunity because of their gender, according to a recent LinkedIn report.


The LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 findings showed that 9 in 10 (89 per cent ) women state they were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Even though 66 per cent of people in India feel that gender equality has improved compared to their parents’ age, India’s working women still contend the strongest gender bias across Asia Pacific countries.


When asked about their reasons for being unhappy with opportunities to advance in their careers, 1 in 5 (22 per cent) working women in India said their companies exhibit a ‘favourable bias’ towards men at work, when compared to the regional average of 16 per cent.


The Opportunity Index highlighted the difference in perception of available opportunities in the market for men and women in India.


The findings further revealed that 69 per cent of working mothers witness discrimination due to familial responsibilities.


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