83% Indian workforce Nervous to go Back to Office Without Covid-19 Vaccine: Survey

83% Indian workforce Nervous to go Back to Office Without Covid-19 Vaccine: Survey

As per the research, majority of Indian workers would want to work completely from home.


According to a report by Atlassian Corporation Plc 83 per cent of employees in India are still nervous about going back to the office while there's no vaccine and restrictions are still in place.


Atlassian Corporation Plc, a provider of team collaboration and productivity software, launched an India-based study highlighting the changing work practices of individuals, teams and organisations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The study titled - Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere, was conducted by Australian research agency PaperGiant, is an extension of the previous global survey conducted in early 2020 with knowledge workers in Australia, USA, Japan, Germany and France using observational, qualitative, and ethnographic research methodologies.


In India, 1,425 participants from tier 1, 2 and 3 cities were surveyed for over four weeks in October 2020.  


As per the research findings, Indian employees were more likely to want to work completely from home (66 per cent) than any other country surveyed. While people are still managing new challenges that come with remote work, many reported a sense of 'relief' being free from the usual presenteeism of the office environment. About 70 per cent of people reported their job satisfaction is better than before COVID-19 restrictions. In fact, 61 per cent of employees find it manageable to effectively work at home during the COVID-19 restrictions.


With all the positives surrounding remote work, the study also revealed that a majority of Indian workers (78 per cent) were actually worried about what their home life looks like to their colleagues and what it says to them. 


Dinesh Ajmera, Site Lead and Head of Engineering, Bengaluru, Atlassian said, "The research findings point to how the 'new normal' will shape work, relationships and collaboration in the future. These are the voices of real people facing real complexities. Now is our opportunity to use the insights we have been presented with to adapt for the better, guided by the experiences of employees around the world." 


Consistent with the industry sentiment on digital adoption seeing a quantum leap during the pandemic, the study reveals that Indian employees are rapidly adopting digital toolkits and skills for worry of being left behind. The introduction of social distancing and remote working has accelerated the move to a digital-first environment, forcing people to adapt. 


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