Unacademy announces ESOPs Buyback

Unacademy announces ESOPs Buyback

Unacademy will undertake an ESOP buyback programme in December this year for its current and exited employees.


All vested ESOPs until December 10, 2020 will be eligible for the buyback and current and exited employees may liquidate between 25 per cent to 100 per cent of vested ESOPs based on a specified scheme.


The size of the buyback pool is likely to be around Rs. 25 to 30 crores based on the number of ESOPs liquidated by employees.


This is Unacademy’s second ESOPs buyback plan. The company had conducted its first ESOPs buyout in September 2019. At that time, the buyback pool was about a tenth of the current buyback size.


Unacademy employees who have been offered ESOPs and have completed more than one year with the firm will be eligible to participate in the latest liquidity round.


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