Hospitality, Tourism Jobs Bouncing Back in India: Survey

Hospitality, Tourism Jobs Bouncing Back in India: Survey

With the unlock process continues across the country, jobs in hospitality and tourism sectors are bouncing back, according to a job-search website Indeed report.


The findings have revealed that the job postings in the sector are down by 58 per cent in September, as against the 69 per cent drop in May this year compared to 2019 levels.


One of the sectors worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry witnessed job postings decrease by 49 per cent between March and August 2020, as compared to 2019.


Overall, job postings in August 2020 were down by 56 per cent, as compared to 2019, with job searches for these roles down by 44 per cent , as compared to 2019. Job searches during this time were also low of 45 per cent.


Job searches for tourism-related roles have been on the rise since May 2020, coinciding with the easing of lockdown measures across the country.


Sashi Kumar, Managing Director, Indeed India said, “Despite the setback the hospitality industry has faced in light of the pandemic and its repercussions, it is heartening to see positive jobseeker sentiment towards these roles. With one in every eight jobs in India related to tourism, directly or indirectly, the sector is a vital contributor to the nation’s economy. With the government’s measures to ensure both the safety of its people as well as the wellbeing of its economy, it is the ideal environment to take stock of the challenges that the sector sees and implement sustainable solutions that will boost tourism in the long run.”


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