Most Indian Employees Feel Urgent Need to Reskill: Survey

Most Indian Employees Feel Urgent Need to Reskill: Survey

A majority of employees in India have indicated urgent need to reskill to face the competition in the job market, according to a recent report by online education technology firm Udemy.


Nearly 92 per cent Indian employees have accepted that there is a skill gap that exists in the country, and 76 per cent of them feel personally affected by it. Also, 91 per cent of professionals claimed they had to learn new skills.


Besides this, 76 per cent of respondents have expressed their fear of losing jobs to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.


The findings revealed that 92 per cent of professionals have agreed that automation and AI are taking away job roles and they need to reskill to stay relevant in the contemporary world of work.


Udemy India Managing Director Irwin Anand said in a statement, “There is an underlying current of anxiety, with as many as three-quarters of workers in India responding that they feel personally affected by the skills gap.” 


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