Remote Work Causing Career Burnout: Study

Remote Work Causing Career Burnout: Study

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on, people are experiencing career fatigue at the age of just 32 years while working from home, according to a recent study by The Office Group.


The findings revealed that this average barely surfaced around 35 and peaked at the age of 50.


The survey was conducted across over 2,000 individuals to examine their feelings toward work and the causes of their exhaustion.


About 59 per cent of respondents stated that they’re now giving more hours to their company than before. Also, one in three people feel the cause of their exhaustion is the whole work-from-home paradigm shift.


As per the study, nearly 31 per cent people revealed that they were being forced to work for hours at night. While, 27 per cent of people missed talking to their colleagues at work and socialising with them in person.


Additionally, 39 per cent respondents feel their exhaustion is linked to not having enough days off, whereas 47 per cent of people feel that they are constantly working, even when the day ends. These reasons have forced nearly half of the people from the survey to leave their jobs.



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