Walmart Announces Salary Hike for Employees

Walmart Announces Salary Hike for Employees

Walmart has announced salary hike for approximately 165,000 hourly employees across U.S. stores. 


The employees working on an hourly basis at deli and bakery areas, and getting $11 per hour, will now earn at least $15 per hour or more.


Increments will be given to team leaders working at Walmart stores and Supercentres on an hourly basis. Their new wage ranges will start at between $18 and $21 an hour and can go up to $30 an hour in Supercenters.


The salary hike will come into effect from October 2020 and will replace the annual hikes that employees expect in February or April every year.


The American multinational retail company stated in a blogpost “We are re-investing in several ways to provide associates with higher and more consistent base pay. All of the above associates will get an increase in pay in October, taking the place of the annual increase they typically have to wait until February or April to receive.”


"Likewise, for these select hourly roles, this increase will also take the place of the regular quarterly bonus and become part of their base pay going forward, offering more predictability and more pay in their hourly wages,”



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