Ex-MD of Exim Bank Joins CapSavvy

Ex-MD of Exim Bank Joins CapSavvy

Debasish Mallick has joined CapSavvy Consultants Pvt Ltd as a non-executive Vice Chairman.


Most recently, he served as Deputy Managing Director of EXIM Bank of India and as MD & CEO of IDBI Asset Management Company Ltd (IDBI AMC).


Mallick has an experience of 35 years in diverse domains such as development banking, investment banking, commercial banking, capital markets, corporate finance, international bond markets, treasury and retail banking.


He is an economist and a certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers.


Mallick said, “Concerted effort must be made for all round growth and development through a strategy of widespread industrialization in a decentralized manner. Decentralized industrialization can be best provided by healthy and systematic growth of MSMEs. CapSavvy is a young and fast-growing company, which uses latest and modern technological tools in providing advisory to businesses and industries, with special focus on SMEs and MSMEs”.


Anil Goyal, MD of CapSavvy stated, “We are thrilled and privileged to have Mr. Mallick join as an Independent Vice-Chairman to the board at CapSavvy. His presence gives us confidence that we have a visionary leader guiding us as we scale responsibly to serve India’s most crucial sector, which contributes about 30 per cent of its GDP”.


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