Zeta & Flock launch 'LIT Saturdays'

Zeta & Flock launch 'LIT Saturdays'

In a bid to motivate remote employees during pandemic, Zeta and Flock have launched 'LIT Saturdays', a monthly social entertainment virtual event.


The event comprises of live performances on themes such as music, dance, comedy and other performing arts to the employees of Zeta and Flock.


The idea is to bring exciting and memorable experiences right to their homes which everyone can enjoy together with their work colleagues and families.


Renowned stand-up comedian Kenny Sabastian performed live video show for the first leg. Kenny's show was full of hilarious moments where the audience went on a laugh riot with his amazing comic timing.


Over 300 employees from Zeta and Flock attended the live show and also got a chance to interact with Kenny.


 "Quarantine fatigue is real and finding ways to connect with our peers, leaders and teams is essential to personal well-being. Such initiatives help in improving employee productivity and also provides an opportunity to engage with team members outside of work. This event is a step towards building a happy ambiance to boost motivation that will help in aiding the employees to feel rejuvenated and work better," said Margaret Dsouza, Head HR, Zeta.


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