Majority of the professionals willing to work remotely

Majority of the professionals willing to work remotely

Nearly 74 % professionals expressed their willingness to work remotely, according to a recent report.


Awfis has launched Awfis Remote Working Report, to offer a glimpse into the changing needs and preferences of the urban Indian workforce concerning their place of work post the onset of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown.


The survey was conducted over a period of two months (June and July 2020) across seven metros in India, and analysed inputs from 1000 employees across diverse industries.


Interestingly, 29% of respondents reported saving INR 3-5k monthly as a result of working from home, which was otherwise spent on commuting, clothing, food, etc.


Nearly 60% of employees usually spend more than an hour in commute to and from the office. Therefore, due to work from home now, on average, an employee saves 1.47 hours of travel time every day. This translate to time worth 44 additional working days in a year.


About 43% of employees report the inability to maintain their work-life balance while working remotely. Now that the lines between home and work are blurring, companies need to create policies that describe clear demarcations between the two, to make remote work sustainable in the long run.


Lack of adequate space & equipment - While 47% of the employees’ surveyed report a lack of comfortable desk and chair, 71% feel that they will be successful in working from home if they have a dedicated area to work from.


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