Pickrr to expand workforce to support growth during COVID-19

Pickrr to expand workforce to support growth during COVID-19

Pickrr has announced the expansion plans for their Sales, Operations, and Finance departments.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a sharp impact on the job market across the globe and only a few industries. However, the lockdown has given an immense boost to the ecommerce and associated logistics industry where the brands have been actively increasing footprints.


The past five months have been active and engaging for the ecommerce sector. So, to match with the developing business requirements and translate their business objectives into results, the company is now looking for new talents in key areas of their business.


Pickrr has enjoyed a steady organic growth in the past based on their end-to-end logistics solution and AI & machine learning-based software. It enjoyed the benefits of a large- scale organization while remaining at a company size of 40. However, with the rising demands, it plans to increase it in multifold by the end of 2020.


Rhitiman Majumder, co-founder of Pickrr, said "We have always been frugal with hiring, we believe in hiring by quality and not quantity. This is clear from the fact that we have managed to scale up to 2x YoY with a minimal increase in our team size over the last 5 years. With the increasing potential market and the push that the pandemic has given to the ecommerce, a 2x YoY is not enough and we are targeting at least 10x growth by the end of this financial year. We are looking for smart and driven people who can help us actualize our business objectives and in turn grow with us"


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