Altimetrik rolls out insurance policy

Altimetrik rolls out insurance policy

Altimetrik has rolled out 'Corona Kavach' insurance policy for 2000 India employees. The firm has earmarked USD 1 million or INR 7 crore 44 lakh approx in FY 20-21 to provide Corona insurance and other Covid care/welfare benefits for India employees.


The Corona insurance provides coverage of INR 3 lakh per employee/spouse/ dependents for pre and post Covid hospitalization treatment for 15 days to a month. The policy is effective from 1st August 2020 to mid March 2021.


The company will also provide a one-time, furniture allowance of INR 10,000 and monthly broadband reimbursement of INR 1000 to all employees. The company has allocated USD 0.5 million or INR 3 crore 72 lakh to fund home-office setup and Corona insurance cover.


Additionally, from October 2020 the existing employee paid Group Mediclaim will also be completely sponsored by Altimetrik worth USD 0.5 million. The additional coverage will extend to employee spouses and any two dependents i.e.; children up to 25 years and/or parent(s)/in-laws above 65 years.


Raj Sundaresan, CEO of Altimetrik Corporation said, "Talent is at the core of Altimetrik's existence as the business transformation accelerator for Fortune 100 companies. As we help enterprises adapt to the new normal, we have to shift gears with our internal policies to support our people in driving the digital imperative. In that, the novel Corona Kavach policy, company paid Group Mediclaim cover and remote working support are measures designed to empower our people in the Covid-19 work context."


Krishna Muniramaiah, Altimetrik Head of HR for APAC region, "Altimetrik has consistently ranked in the top 100 Great Place to Work for companies in India consecutively for over four years. In continuation with our efforts to be the talent destination of choice in a Covid-19 world, we have set aside nearly INR 7 crore 44 lakh as company contribution towards workforce welfare in India for FY 20-21. Being a crucial talent market for us we will be announcing more staff welfare measures in the coming months."


Altimetrik has partnered with a leading insurance company and administrator with 7000+hospital network across India to deliver the insurance benefits to its employees. 


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