COVID-19 Impact: DMRC slashes employees perks, allowances

COVID-19 Impact: DMRC slashes employees perks, allowances

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) authorities have decided to reduce perks and allowances of its employees by 50 per cent due to non-operation of train services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


“In view of adverse financial condition due to non-operation of metro services, perks and allowances to be reduced by 50% with effect from August 2020. Starting with the salary for August, perks and allowances will be payable at the rate of 15.75% of Basic Pay,” the DMRC said in a statement.


The DMRC also said that all sanctions of fresh advances, house building advance, multipurpose advance, laptop advance, festival advance and others are to be kept on hold till next orders.


“With immediate effect, all sanctions of fresh Advances for House Building Advance, Multipurpose Advance, Laptop Advance, Festival Advance etc to be kept on hold till further orders. Advances already sanctioned will continue to be disbursed, as & when a demand is received”.


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