About 30% women feel more opportunities needed at leadership level

About 30% women feel more opportunities needed at leadership level

About 30 per cent of women indicated that there is a dire need for more opportunities to be created at the leadership level for women to make it to the top, revealed a recent survey.


JobsForHer conducted a poll around women in leadership positions aimed at gaining a better understanding of the needs and aspirations of women professionals in senior-level roles.


The survey, which gathered opinions of over 2500 women, found  an overwhelming need for policy changes at the leadership level.


Nearly, 21.5% of the respondents also said that they often look for a professional networking platform through which they can connect with like-minded women for better career prospects and growth.


Furthermore, the survey noted that 19.80% of the women surveyed sought more women-specific leadership programs, and close to 15% wanted to eliminate any kind of bias both conscious and unconscious and enable the growth of sensitised organizations. While, 14.10% of women stated that formal mentorship and sponsorship programs will enable them to achieve better progress in the workplace.


Ms. Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, JobsForHer said, "It is as clear as daylight that women need a forum to connect and engage with each other to help them climb the corporate ladder. It is incredibly impressive to see more women stepping up to voice their opinions to make the workplace more women-friendly. As an online job portal catering specifically to women, we look forward to helping more women make it to leadership positions and establishing themselves as successful professionals."


The poll comes consequent to the recent HerKey Club Virtual Conclave, a members-only club focused on nurturing women who display leadership skills.


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