Majority Of IT Managers Believe CIOs Influence Increased In HR Activities

A majority (88%) of Indian IT managers believe that the new-age CIOs will be the cultural leaders in the digital age. 

With the technological advancements taking place, there is an unprecedented collaboration between technology and businesses, thereby changing the role and responsibilities of the modern-day CIOs. These revelations were furnished by TimesJobs survey of 987 IT managers.  

Around 91% of surveyed IT managers said that CIO roles have undergone a sea change. While nearly 28% responders stated CIOs will aid organisational culture by using Artificial Intelligence to reduce unconscious bias at the workplace. 

About 15% of surveyed professionals said that developing software to attract diverse culture will be among the core duties of CIOs. Nearly, 39% surveyed respondents claimed developing go-to-market strategies and technologies will be CIOs core responsibility in the future. 

A majority (34%) of surveyors said that CIOs are playing a pivotal role in training and upskilling of employees. While 20% of respondents said that CIOs are helping organisations in enhancing company culture to attract top talent. Around, 19% of individuals said that aligning technology to improve the hiring process is another integral part of their responsibilities. 

The survey also asked about the skills that will be critical to become 'CIO' in the coming times. Nearly, 44% respondents stated that 'leadership' and 'management skills' will be core skills for CIO roles. Another 24% of respondents said that 'creativity' will be an imperative skill for future CIOs. The remaining 16% of respondents said that 'critical thinking' followed by 'emotional intelligence' will be required by next-gen CIOs. 

"Today's CIOs wear many hats. Along with addressing technology strategy, they are driving business transformations as well. As organisations embrace digitalisation, the CIOs of tomorrow are expected to lead the ongoing innovations and partner with co-leaders to drive growth, prioritise agility, and scale innovation. The CIOs will have to be the harbinger of change enabling companies to leverage technology to create value for its people and businesses," said Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.


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