India’s hiring sentiment fourth strongest in 4th quarter

India is the fourth strongest optimistic country about hiring plans in the fourth quarter of 2019, indicated the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook report.

While, Japan sealed the top position with 26% of those surveyed being bullish on hiring, followed by Taiwan at 21%, the US at 20%.

The weakest hiring was reported in Spain (0%) with no company being optimistic there. A cautious hiring climate is expected in China.

According to the survey based on 5,131 employers in India, 20% of employers anticipate an increase in payrolls, while as much as 52% expect no change and 28% are unsure about adding to their existing strength.

Sectors expected to drive the fourth-quarter job market include Public Administration & Education, Wholesale & Retail Trade and Services sectors. Medium-sized companies, as well as employers in the East region, are forecasting the strongest Outlooks in the country.

The strongest labor market is forecast for the Public Administration & Education sector, where the Net Employment Outlook stands at +27.

Regionally, the strongest labor market is anticipated in the East, where the Net Employment Outlook stands at +38% reflecting robust hiring prospects.

On the hand, a steady hiring activity is forecast for the three regions, South, West and North with Outlooks of +19%, +18% and +16%, respectively.



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