The Art of Change Management – A necessity and not a choice!

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Driving Sucessful Strategic Change In Organisations

Change management is now pivotal in this world of constant change and continuous transformations which makes it important for organisations Read More

The Sum Total Of Change

It is common knowledge that organisations are a sum total of its people and their knowledge. Therefore, it becomes increasingly Read More

Checkout LinkedIn's Best Start-ups to Work for in India

LinkedIn has released a list of best start-ups to work for India. Oyo Hotels and Homes , Cure.Fit Read More

Measuring The Employee Net Promoter Score

Understanding how loyal your employees are and the reasons why they are loyal or not can have major impacts on Read More

The Mentoring Manager

Traditionally restricted to upskilling employees to meet the future needs of business and the industry, a development plan is all Read More

The Anatomy Of Organisational Culture

Personality renders a human element to the organisation, which brings life to the interactions and relationships between the associates and Read More

A Twist In The Tale

Storytelling provides people with an avenue to discover their personal beliefs, and find their internal anchors. It propels them on Read More

The Critical Balance For Success

The ongoing conversation about a healthy balance between achieving and enjoying boils down to the camaraderie between an individual and Read More

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