Welcoming The Future Of Tech

While the journey thus far has indicated that technology has already transformed the hiring landscape in a positive direction, hiring Read More

Impact of Systems Innovation

Systems innovation has never been at the forefront of the battle for innovation. It has always remained a poor country Read More

The Herald Of A Transformation

Transformation is relative to a given point in time and keeps changing. The only way we can remain relevant is Read More

Innovation And Unicorns

Unicorn is a term which was coined in 2013, and it means, "a startup whose valuation stands at One Billion." Read More

The Digital Panorama

Today’s organisations are not a collective of bosses and followers. Agile network of leaders and collaborators use digital technology to Read More

Mobile Onboarding And Engagement Platforms

It gains credence to differentiate between orientation and onboarding. While orientation is all about sharing organisation-centric information which gets completed Read More

Reinventing HR With Technology

Enterprises are re-evaluating the way they enable their people to function better, providing them with latest tools and technologies that Read More

Workplace Designed For iGeneration

Induction of technology wherever possible, personalisation, regular communication and transparency through social media are essential for Keeping iGeneration happy and Read More

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