Over 80 percent Indians think automation will not affect their jobs

Although the majority of Indians believe that their jobs would be automated in the next 10 years,  a whopping 84 per cent are confident to retain their jobs, reveals a recent report. 

In terms of the expectation of jobs automation, India tops the list as around 71% respondents expect their jobs to be automated. Saudi Arabia is at second spot with 56% respondents expecting jobs getting automated, and in China 55% respondents feel the same, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Ipsos report. 


Interestingly, 84% of urban Indians respondents are confident of keeping their jobs, using the skills they possess. The survey also claims across all markets, Indians are most confident, followed by the Netherlands (83%) and the US (82%). 

The markets of Japan (23%), South Korea (33%) and Russia (50%), are least confident of holding onto their jobs in the face of automation.


“Indian job market is hierarchy driven, promotions are skills and performance-led. Indians realise while automation is likely they know it will act as an enabler to improve efficiencies in deliverability; human intellect, skill-sets and capital will still be needed to get the job done”, said Parijat Chakraborty of Ipsos India. 


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