Overall Hiring Intention Of Indian IT Employers Goes Down

Overall IT hiring intention of Indian employers climb down for the period October 2019 – March 2020 by 5.87 percentage points from that of the last 2 quarters, according to Experis IT Employment Outlook Survey (EITEOS) released  by Experis IT – ManpowerGroup.

A sample population of 509 Indian employers (both IT and non-IT) was surveyed on the basis of parameters such as geography, level of experience, type and size of organisation, IT skills and practice areas. 

“The entire landscape of the world of work is changing. Employers are looking for adaptability, critical thinking and leadership skills apart from technical skills. From the talents perspectives, candidates are interested in making work, work for them”, said Manmeet Singh, President at Experis IT, ManpowerGroup India.

The report indicates that the IT job market is gradually aligning with the trends of evolving technology, and a massive talent shortage can be expected by the year 2021, due to around 2 lakh jobs in Artificial Intelligence and Data.

“The amalgamation of both is leading to the emergence of a job environment we have never seen. Dynamism and volatility are here to stay. ” he further stated.

The survey—that reflects hiring sentiments of Indian IT professionals in both IT and non-IT organisations—observed that IT services companies  will remain the biggest employers of tech talent with an employment outlook of 21.61 per cent and non-IT organisations expressed hiring intentions with an employment outlook of 13 per cent. It was also found that Indian IT companies intend to hire mostly freshers and those with up to five years' of experience.

A city-wise analysis showed that while metros remain the hubs for tech talent, while tier-2 cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar and Vishakhapatnam are also coming up in attracting IT professionals.

One part of the report also shed light on skills. It was observed that basic technology skills still remain the cornerstone for an IT professional, a supplemental balance of high cognitive skills, social intelligence and integrated thinking will meet the increasing demand of employers at a time when the IT industry is witnessing hiring, albeit, at a comparatively lower rate.



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