Future-Proofing Talent

Future-Proofing Talent

The Indian hospitality industry, for decades now, has invested significant resources in an effort to create a sublime experience for their customers. Good talent, by bringing in critical thinking and new ideas to life, plays an important role in building such holistic experiences. The exponential growth in the hospitality industry brings an influx of job openings in India, thus enabling the pursuit of 'acquiring the right talent.' Additionally, creating a conducive environment for their employees becomes extremely important for the hospitality giants. By making a deeper plunge, we arrive upon the most impactful HR practices that can actualise this vision in the near future.


Finding the 'right fit'


It is important to hire individuals who strongly complement the company's purpose and values. And, this must be explored by HR beyond their usual requirement pool. Additionally, they must sidestep mere qualifications on CVs, and give more credence to the overall personality of potential candidates. Such an approach will create room for an all inclusive workplace environment that allows diverse talent to thrive and benefit from each other. In the case of new hires, it is important to execute a thorough handover that embeds the candidate into the deepest roots of company values, rather than simply acquainting them with daily operations.


The dawn of millennials


The rise of 'urban millennials' has revolutionised the entire gamut of industries in our country. Millennials demand to be heard, and expect an interesting, relevant, and faster career progression. They must be furnished with customised career maps that outline their respective journeys across the lengths of their career. Ongoing feedback for the same will measure their progress and development. Additionally, the HR function must concentrate on creating a work atmosphere that helps employees embrace their individuality, and leverage their true potential. Implementing flexible work hours is vital for creating such an environment. These measures can collectively establish a great sense of trust and psychological safety at work, thereby increasing productivity and participation levels. Once this endeavour is achieved, brands must take it up a notch by advocating internal growth, thus strengthening their respective leadership pipelines.


HR meets 'digital' - a modern rendezvous


The advent of 'digital' promises a revolutionary overhaul to the HR functions in the hospitality sector. Technology can help simplify standardised processes, creating time and space for more value-adding work such as talent acquisition, coaching, mentoring and leadership development. We use technology to 'scale care' and make interactions with colleagues more fluid, effective, and seamless. This includes access to respective personal information, schedules, vacation planning, training and development workshops, learning libraries, performance diaries, career maps, and internal communication materials. There are huge opportunities to create a 'wow' employee experience with technology, but the environment of care and an organisational setup that allows colleagues to be their best, is a prerequisite.


'Bonds' Beyond Service


Atypical of the fact that maintaining good relationships with clients in the hospitality industry is important, it is vital for employees to sustain healthy relationships amongst themselves as well. Additionally, employees must be encouraged to maintain healthy relationships with peers and seniors, in order to elevate teamwork prospects through transparent feedback and necessary solutions. By implementing these measures, HR can urge employees to take full ownership of the work they create. With such vibrant measures, the HR function within hospitality is knocking on the doors of a healthy revolution - one that will change the perception of individuals towards pursuing a career in this vastly rewarding industry



Arif Khan is the Director of Human Resources India, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. A seasoned HR professional with over a decade of experience, he joined the Hyatt family in 2017. He was previously associated with Berggruen Holdings, and The Taj Group of Hotels, India and has led the HR function in various hotels in India and abroad. Arif holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Rajasthan, India.


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